Accounting Software for Small Business

Snoww Books software is the best accounting software for small business and already growing. One of the problems with the desktop-based tools is that they lock you down to your desktop in the office. What if you need additional information while you are attending a business meeting out of town? Would it create difficulties for you? Well, it will not be a problem if you are using online accounting software.

For the owners who want to be in control of their business, regular updating of its books is a must. It is their statutory responsibility as well as an easy way to know its financial solidity. The knowledge puts them in control when they have to take care of business’ cash flow. For these people, affordable accounting software works very well.

Cash Flow

Indeed, technology has moved on. It is especially visible in the small business accounting software systems that you can lay your hands on. You will feel their tremendous impact on your business’ cash flow, especially, if you are upgrading from an absolute tool. You will be able to take care of the accounting needs of the business on-the-go.

Facilitates instant emailing of invoices for the business concluded. In fact, you can sit right in front of your client while doing so. It naturally speeds up the payment process. You get paid sooner for the services rendered or products sold. It drastically improves business’ cash flow, and you do not even have to use the snail mail to send reminders to a forgetful client.

Accounting Software For Small Business Owners

One of the major problems faced by small business owners is their lack of accounting concepts and principles. Many of them are simply stumped when they come against the double-entry accounting. However, the best online accounting software solves the problem for them.

The software connects them with their accountants and bookkeepers without any hassle. Both of them can access the same financial information at the same instant to discuss the matter and make the required adjustments. They can do so by using any internet-capable device. They have the choice of using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or their dependable desktop.

When you choose startup business, you should check diligently, whether it supports,

  • Management of business’ recurring transactions
  • Emailing of customized GST invoices
  • Automatic invoice reminders
  • Reporting of Overdue/Unpaid invoices

Snoww Books software automates these tasks and reduces the owners’ manual work to a great extent. It allows sole traders to focus on their weak points and streamline the cash flow of the business.

Features for SMEs

The businesses have to be careful in choosing the software for your business. They should look for compatibility and whether the tool will be enough to fulfill their business needs. The following are the features of Snoww Books Software:

  • GST ready invoices
  • GST report for GST filing
  • Inventory management
  • Reconciliation of accounts (including bank accounts)
  • Budgeting for the business
  • Collaborate with Accountant
  • Multiple financial statements & reports
  • Report Management
  • Dashboard (Real-Time Charts)
  • Manage Customer & Vendor list
  • Automation of recurring transactions
  • Create multiple user roles
  • Set multi-currencies
  • Create unlimited companies


As a startup business owner, shifting or upgrading to the accounting software, you should be aware of whether or not it will integrate smoothly with your setup. You also need to look into whether the learning curve is too steep, or, how much user-friendly it is.

Snoww Books Software is easy to configure and user-friendly software. It offers intuitive user-interfaces and navigation and reduces the adoption time by your staff.

  • Easy to Set Up: Downloading and installing software can frustrate some business owners. Access and configure accounting software easily online.
  • Availability: Snoww Books software is available 24 X 7 over the internet.
  • Anywhere Access: Accesse it from wherever you are, using multiple devices like a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Online Software: Best Online accounting software solutions give on-the-go accounting capability and are very convenient. Always keep in touch with your business data.
  • Data Security: The software stores and backs up business’ financial information automatically to a central repository. It is secured using a security matrix.

The best accounting software enables you to see the business’ cash flow for what it is. Snoww Books software provides you with various reports for your decision-making. It forewarns you, brings effectiveness to your business, and makes it more productive. It can prove to be a game-changing business management tool for you.

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