Online Clinic Software

Today, medical professionals are burdened with a number of non-core tasks. It drains the energy that they could devote to patient care. To be more efficient, they need to implement online clinic software to reduce manual work that hijacks trained personnel.

A GP clinic can efficiently streamline its administrative, clinical, & financial processes with an integrated clinic software rich in modules. The efficient flow of patients through the practice positively impacts their cost-effectiveness & growth. It ensures patient satisfaction, a larger client-base, and lots of goodwill.

Features of Clinic Software

Appointment Scheduling

Your staff can access Clinic Software & schedule appointments for your patients.

Medical Payments

The software uses International Code of Diagnosis (ICD). It eases private patient billing, corporate patient billing, and co-payments.

Electronic Medical Records

Clinic Software uses EMRs to store & manage patients' medical history & personal details. Get a complete picture of patients' health.

Prescriptions & Reports

This software generates prescriptions & a variety of reports. It improves communication between insurance companies, clinics, & patients.

Patient Queue Management

This software manages patient queue intelligently & increases clinic's operational efficiency & quality of service. It reduces patient's wait-time.

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Online Clinic Software to Grow Your Medical Office

Secure & Centralized Patient Info

The patient’s medical history & personal details are sensitive. They must be captured accurately and stored securely. Clinic Software store this info in a centralized database hosted at protected remote servers. The access to it restricted using security matrix and multiple user roles.

Paperless Clinic Setup

GP clinics & physicians' offices have to be ready to defuse any emergency. The paper-files are not efficient. Clinic Software gives you 24X7 access to patients’ medical history, images, financial, demographic, and insurance details with a few clicks.

Managing Multiple Branches

Clinic Software is an online clinic management software. It means you can log-in and access your clinic's latest administrative data from anywhere. It enables you to supervise the functioning of the multiple branches of your healthcare setup.

Maintain Cash Flow

Online Clinic Software uses a powerful search engine to facilitate patient appointments. Auto reminders for appointments & pending vaccination shots make sure that patient attends. It helps in maintaining patient in-flow and in increasing clinic's cash flow, ROI, and profits.

Efficient Billing & Payments

Online clinic software makes it simple to manage medical claims & billing. Documents & tracks medical expenses & claims. It accommodates bills paid with debit or credit cards or net banking. It connects with accounting software like MYOB, Quick Books, etc.

Inventory Management

Streamlines clinic's inventory by providing drug expiry alerts & efficient stock management. Track purchase orders & manage inventory storage. Makes sure that all essential equipment, drugs, and other medical supplies are optimally stocked.

FAQs for Clinic Software

How will my medical office benefit from this software?
Your staff can use Clinic Software to schedule appointments for the patients. It also manages the patient queue efficiently. The doctors can instantly access patients’ medical history stored on EMRs and generate prescriptions and report. The software uses the International Code of Diagnosis (ICD), which improves communication between insurance companies and your office when it comes to medical claims & billing. It allows private patient billing, corporate patient billing, and co-payments. In short, it facilitates the smooth flow of patients through your medical office. These things help to increase patient satisfaction and increased cash flow and ROI.
How Clinic Software improves patient care?

Clinic Software assists GPs and Physicians in improving patient care by automating the clinic's day-to-day tasks. It means less manual tasks for the clinic's staff.

Since the software automates Patient Management and Appointment Scheduling, the staff manning the reception desk can dedicate their full attention to the patients instead of searching their records in paper files. They can easily access patient's records from the central database.

The appointments are scheduled, and reminder emails are sent to the patients well in advance. The doctors get enough time to lavish their attention to understand the health problems the patient is suffering from and recommend the best treatment.

The doctors, with a few clicks of the mouse, can access patients medical history and know about allergies and etc. They can also prepare well-structured prescriptions and reports instantly.

Will I be able to manage multiple branches with Clinic Software?

Yes! Clinic Software can support multiple branches of your medical office. It is actually the most efficient way of centralizing the management of multiple branches.

Clinic Software is an online software accessible from anywhere and at any time. It means you can to view the latest data concerning each branch when it suits you. Being able to access the digitized data stored in the centralized database means you do not have to depend on physical paper files.

Where Can I Get Free Trial?
Yes, 32-day free trial is available. You can get it using the link: